Graduate Catalog 2016-17 
    May 22, 2024  
Graduate Catalog 2016-17 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDU 6740 - Graduate Seminar

3 cr
Designed to integrate the aspects of public education represented in the various emphases in the master's program, the course will include presentations in each area. The major portion of class, however, will be the development, presentation, and analysis of relevant educational issues by the seminar participants. Students are also required to write a major paper that explores educational philosophy, theory, foundations or current issues in their fields of study. The major paper functions to demonstrate the student's competence as a consumer and/or generator of educational research and requires full setting forth of both the procedures and findings of the research and a discussion of the implications of the findings and their relationship to other knowledge in the field.
Prerequisite: Approval of Director of Education is required.
Recommended: At least 28 credit hours toward master's program.

Offered spring and summer sessions.