Undergraduate Catalog 2018-19 
    Apr 25, 2019  
Undergraduate Catalog 2018-19

BIO 4260 - Field Techniques and Current Topics in Wildlife Biology

3 cr
This course is targeted for undergraduate students majoring in wildlife biology, zoology, forestry, or other natural resource programs in the Northeastern U.S., especially those from programs lacking intense field-based courses, but graduate students are also welcome. The course is intended to provide students with practical, hands-on training in the tools and techniques of field biology and allow them to apply those skills in a variety of exercises. Students will summarize data from small group projects and present results to the large group and instructors. Practicing biologists from across the region will be engaged as guest instructors for certain workshops and will be invited to lead discussion sessions on current wildlife management issues and lead field trips to demonstrate wildlife and habitat management practices on the ground.
Prerequisite: BIO 1141  and BIO 3060 , or permission of instructor.
Approximately $850