Undergraduate Catalog 2018-19 
    Aug 10, 2020  
Undergraduate Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDU 4031 - Educational Collaborations

5 cr
This course represents an interdisciplinary collaboration, fusing content and perspectives from Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (CIA), Special Education, and Literacy. Thoughtful and substantive inquiry and opportunities for deep reflection promote analytical and creative professional practice.  Integrating the three components allows students to refine their pedagogical practices through fieldwork that develops skill in meeting the needs of diverse learners.  Each semester's Educational Collaboration cohort will facilitate a public, community-oriented event, driven by local issues, needs, and questions.  Thus, recognizing the importance of social justice in education, civic engagement practices also emerge as central to this course's vision.
Prerequisite: EDU 1012 , and either EDU 2011  and EDU 2012 , or EDU 2031  and EDU 2032  with grades of B- or better.
Fee $50
Every semester