Graduate Catalog 2016-17 
    Jun 17, 2024  
Graduate Catalog 2016-17 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Education (MM)

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The only program of its kind in Vermont, Castleton's Master of Music Education (MM.Ed) emphasizes real world application with courses taught by experienced music educators.

The MM.Ed can be completed in one year as a full-time student, or on a part-time schedule tailored to the unique needs of in-service music educators or customized for each individual student. A flexible curriculum is provided with on-site, hybrid, and online courses that occur during the academic year and the summer months.

The 18-credit core curriculum will help students to expand and develop their classroom and musicianship skills and to learn the most current philosophies, methodologies, and technologies in the field.

A wide variety of Topics Courses (12 credits required) enable students to direct their own program, focusing on topics and skills they are most interested in. These courses, or any of the other MM.Ed music offerings at Castleton, will appeal to in-service educators desiring continuing education credits.

Students completing the Master of Music Education degree will demonstrate their realization of the following learning outcomes at a high level:

  • advanced, essential knowledge in curriculum development;
  • assessment of music learning;
  • philosophy of music education;
  • research methodology.

Masters candidates must provide transcripts indicating completion of coursework equivalent to that required for the Bachelor of Music at Castleton, which is required of all music education students. If any coursework is determined to be missing, students will be required to take the pertinent BA.MUS courses. Coursework may be found in the undergraduate catalog under BA Music.

Students may transfer up to 12 graduate credits from Castleton Center for Schools or outside workshops/classes.  (Transfer credits must be approved by the Music Department.)

COURSEWORK (suggested timeline)


MM.Ed students who have previously completed a Bachelors degree in music may be recommended for licensure by completing the following undergraduate courses in addition to the 30 credits required for the MM.Ed. 

(Courses may be waived if equivalent experience and content from previous coursework or teaching experience can be documented by the Masters candidate.)

Complete all of these courses (32 cr)

MUS 1080 - Global Music 3 cr

MUS 2030 - Early Field Experience in Music Education 1 cr

MUS 2060 - Introduction to Exceptional Populations in Music Education 3 cr

MUS 2110 - Vocal Pedagogy 2 cr

MUS 2115 - Jazz Pedagogy 2 cr

MUS 3165 - Methods of Teaching General Music preK-12 3 cr

MUS 3166 - Methods of Teaching Choral Music 2 cr

MUS 3315 - Methods of Teaching Instrumental Music 2 cr

MUS 4610 - Seminar in Teaching Music 1 cr

MUS 4720 - Senior Recital 1 cr

MUS 4871 - Directed Student Teaching I 6 cr

MUS 4872 - Directed Student Teaching II 6 cr

And complete 3 of these courses (6 cr)

MUS 2120 - String Instrument Teaching Methods 2 cr

MUS 2130 - Woodwind Instrument Teaching Methods 2 cr

MUS 2140 - Brass Instrument Teaching Methods 2 cr

MUS 2240 - Percussion Instrument Teaching Methods 2 cr

And complete 1 of these courses (3 cr)

PSY 1050 - Human Growth and Development 3 cr

PSY 2110 - Educational Psychology 3 cr

PSY 3265 - Child and Adolescent Development 3 cr

Total credits required for licensure: 41


To be accepted into Student Teaching, a student must:

  • Achieve an overall GPA of 3.0; or written certification of intellectual competence by an academic dean.
  • Complete all Music and Music Education coursework; or obtain permission of the supervising music education faculty.
  • Complete the Music Education Application to Student Teach form.
  • Pass the Praxis Core Academic Skills Test for Educators and appropriate Praxis II examinations before teaching.
  • Complete a minimum of 60 scheduled hours of field experience through related course work.

A student may be advised to discontinue the student teaching experience at any time if, in the professional judgment of the university supervisor, the director of field experience and cooperating teacher, the student does not possess the attitudes and competencies noted above.


To be recommended for licensure the student must:

  • Complete all departmental course requirements listed above.
  • Pass the Praxis Core Academic Skills Test for Educators and the Praxis II examination.
  • Exemplify in conduct and attitude the maturity, judgment, ethical standards, and dedication expected in the teaching profession.
  • Receive a grade of "B" or better in Student Teaching I, II, and Student Teaching Seminar.
  • Complete all coursework with a cumulative GPA of 3.0

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