Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18 
    Apr 21, 2021  
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English: Concentration by Contract (BA.ENG.CNT)


Students who complete the BA in English will:

  1. understand how literary and linguistic conventions have developed and operate;
  2. understand how accomplished readers read fiction, poetry, and drama;
  3. understand how accomplished writers create form, effect, and influence; 
  4. apply that understanding to their own reading and writing.

So that English department faculty can better evaluate each student's progress and accomplishments in these areas, all Literature majors must submit a portfolio of three essays during the spring semester of their sophomore year and another portfolio of three essays during the spring semester of their senior year. The department will distribute submission instructions at the beginning of each spring semester.

BA in English with a Concentration by Contract

English majors may design individual plans for concentration study, completing 18 credit hours of coursework from among regularly offered courses in American Literature, Children's Literature, World Literature, and the Minor in Writing, as well as from independent studies and internships. They must consult with one or more English department faculty members as they design those plans. Such plans must demonstrate a coherent purpose—such as study in fiction, poetry, drama, or writing—and may proceed only by written contract approved by the department.

English majors who undertake a concentration by contract and who hope to teach theater must complete American Drama, Greek Tragedy, and the second Shakespeare course along with an additional 9 credit hours from among the regularly offered courses mentioned in the previous paragraph. They must also complete a Minor in Theater Education.

and complete a self-designed concentration of 18 credits

(Credits required for the major: 45 cr)

 Note that no more than two major courses may be taken pass/no pass

And complete the University's Gen Ed requirements

Review  the Gen Ed requirements.

Law Degree (CU/VLS 3+2)

This major participates in the 3+2 program with Vermont Law School, in which highly-focused students can earn a Bachelor's degree in just three years at CU and a Juris Doctor (JD) degree in just two years at VLS. 

For details, see the Law Degree page .