Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18 
    Mar 01, 2021  
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geology (BS.GEY)

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For further information about this major, contact Dr. Timothy Grover, the Geology Coordinator: Timothy.Grover@Castleton.edu

A comprehensive program in geology designed for preparation for graduate school, a career in geology, or secondary education.

Students completing the Bachelor of Science in Geology will demonstrate:

Knowledge and Understanding of Geological Concepts

  • Comprehend and create a geologic map, construct a geologic cross-section, and construct and contour map.
  • Use appropriate technological tools.
  • Identify common rocks and minerals in hand sample and in thin section.
  • Understand how physical properties of rocks and minerals relate to chemistry and crystal structure.
  • Describe the layers of the Earth and understand the evidence used to deduce this structure.
  • Characterize the major physiographic features of the Earth.
  • Understand the theory of plate techtonics
  • Explain rock structures at different scales, describe the rock and hydrologic cycles, and relate igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary phenomena to plate tectonic processes.
  • Understand the scope of geologic time, the chronology of major Earth events, and geologic age-dating methods.

Intellectual Skills

  • Make systematic observations, construct hypotheses and make predictions, design an experiment, interpret data, and form conclusions based on the data.
  • Locate, comprehend, assess, and apply the scholarly work of scientists according to accepted practices.
  • Communicate scientific information, both orally and in writing, according to accepted practice in the field of geology.
  • Use appropriate mathematical and statistical methods to evaluate and interpret geologic data.

Civic Learning

  • Clear understanding of the issues and involvement of geology in modern society.

Complete the following mathematics courses (7 cr):

and complete the following chemistry and physics courses (12 cr):

(Credits required for the major: 47 cr)

And complete the University's Gen Ed requirements

Review  the Gen Ed requirements.

Honors in Geology

Students wishing to graduate with Honors in Geology must meet the following requirements:

  • a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all courses,
  • a minimum GPA of 3.4 in all science and math courses,
  • complete a minimum of 3 credits of independent research in geology,
  • and present the results of their research in a public forum.


The following recommended courses may be necessary or useful to students who wish to pursue a particular career or graduate work in Geology. Consult your advisor:

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