Undergraduate Catalog 2021-22 
    Apr 01, 2023  
Undergraduate Catalog 2021-22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pharmacy Degree (Castleton+Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences 3+4) (at ACPHS Albany campus)

Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (ACPHS) is the #1 ranked value-added college in the country.  The median salary of former students ten years after entering ACPHS is over $110,000.

Castleton University (CU) and Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences offer a dual-degree program leading to a Bachelor's degree (BS) in just three years at CU and a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) in four years at ACPHS.  This 3+4 program enables highly focused students to earn two degrees and embark upon a rewarding career in Pharmacy in just seven years (instead of the usual eight), thus saving much time and money.

  • Students spend the first three years at CU taking advantage of all the great opportunities on campus.  
  • CU students who meet specified criteria are then guaranteed admission to ACPHS's Doctor of Pharmacy Program.
  • Students begin their graduate coursework in the fourth year.  They then earn their Pharm.D. at the ACPHS campus in Albany, NY.
  • The 3+4 program is available to undergraduate students enrolled in these majors:

Health Science (BS.HLT)  

Biology (BS.BIO)  

Biology: Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (BS.BIO.MBB)  



1. Because students must complete their General Education and major requirements in a compressed time frame (three years instead of four), it is vital that they meet with the Pre-Pharmacy Advisor, Professor Justin Carlstrom, early in their first year at CU to map out a three-year academic schedule.


2. Students make a formal application to ACPHS by December 1 in the fall semester of their third year at CU.


3. Students will matriculate at ACPHS once they have met the following requirements:

-completion of at least 90 credits at CU with an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 (only grades of C or above will count towards the credits that comprise ACPHS prerequisites),

-completion of the required Pre-pharmacy courses at CU (see the Pre-Pharmacy Advisor, Professor Justin Carlstrom, for the required courses),

-satisfactory completion of the interview at ACPHS,  

-successful completion of the writing assessment, and

-completion of the PCAT with a minimum score of 20.


4. Students will receive a Bachelor of Science degree from CU once they have completed the degree requirements at CU and completed the first year of the Doctor of Pharmacy at ACPHS.



Prospective students, please contact:
Castleton Admissions Office: info@castleton.edu

Current students, please contact:
Associate Professor Justin Carlstrom (Pre-Pharmacy Advisor): justin.carlstrom@castleton.edu

For information about Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, please contact:
ACPHS Admissions Office: admissions@acphs.edu