2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog

English (BA.ENG)

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Student Learning outcomes for English:


Majors will . . .

√    develop sophisticated and active reading strategies--especially skills in close reading, critical reading, and analysis--to understand, appreciate, and work with a wide variety of everyday and complex texts (both in and after college)     

√    develop a mature and integrative knowledge of literature and literary traditions across  historical and geographical boundaries

√    interpret texts from a variety of literary genres in relation to their social, cultural, and historical contexts

√    develop a deep and enduring appreciation for the pleasure and utility of the practice of reading


Majors will . . .

√    engage in simple and complex rhetorical situations using the university's writing standards of Audience & Purpose, Arrangement, Development, Synthesis, and  Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

√    critically analyze a variety of texts using disciplinary language and critical perspectives appropriate for literary and rhetorical analysis

√    participate in the critical and cultural discourse of English (disciplinary conversations and arguments) in ways that create and advance disciplinary and personal knowledge

√    conduct purposeful, independent inquiry through research, synthesizing the voice(s) and ideas of others to produce engaging, insightful, and persuasive texts

√    develop and hone a more sophisticated critical and/or creative voice

√    write clear, powerful, and engaging original literature (creative writing), and/or rhetorically powerful and persuasive work about literature (literary criticism), and/or rhetorically powerful and persuasive discourse about socio-cultural issues (civic discourse)


Majors will . . .

√    gain confidence in formulating and clearly articulating their thoughts to a variety of audiences

√    develop skills in listening actively, critically, and sympathetically

√    actively participate in discussions that build knowledge collaboratively

√    plan, prepare, and deliver engaging oral presentations


Majors will . . .

√    consciously explore and articulate their interests in studying English, (as well as personal values and life ambitions)

√    develop habits of mind that allow them to explain issues/problems, discover and employ evidence, analyze contexts, identify and evaluate personal and others'  perspectives, frame a hypothesis, and reach reasonable conclusions

√    use disciplinary vocabulary, concepts, and theories to augment thinking

√    engage in inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, and risk taking to reach creative and practical resolutions

√    cultivate a mature awareness of and appreciation for creativity, imagination, and reason  


Majors will . . .

√    anticipate and explore their interests in preparation for life after college

√    practice the skills and habits of thinking needed to succeed and thrive in an anticipated occupation


So that English department faculty can better evaluate each student's progress and accomplishments in these areas, all English majors submit a portfolio of three essays during the spring semester of their sophomore year and another portfolio of three essays during the spring semester of their senior year. The department distributes submission instructions at the beginning of each spring semester.

Complete 1 of the following gateway courses (3 cr):

Complete 5 electives in English (15 cr)

Four of the five electives must be at the 3000-level

Complete the English capstone course (3 cr):

(Credits required for the major: 42 cr)

Note that no more than two major courses may be taken Pass/No pass

And complete the University's Gen Ed requirements

Review  the Gen Ed requirements.

Law Degree (CU/VLS 3+2)

This major participates in the 3+2 program with Vermont Law School, in which highly-focused students can earn a Bachelor's degree in just three years at CU and a Juris Doctor (JD) degree in just two years at VLS. 

For details, see the Law Degree page .

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