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Resort and Hospitality Management (BS.RHM)

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For further information about this major, contact the program coordinator: frank.pauze@castleton.edu

The program in Resort & Hospitality Management is a three-year degree and cooperative education program in partnership with Killington Mountain Resort (the largest ski area in the eastern United States).  Students attend classes as traditional students, and also receive academic credit for working in paid positions at Killington Resort and/or Pico Resort.  Specifically, the program operates on a trimester system with a full slate of courses in the Fall and Spring, and three 9-credit Co-ops (in winter 1, winter 2, and one summer term).  Students work an average of 35 hours per week during the Co-op term and are paid the prevailing wage for the position.  In addition, students who show promise have the opportunity to become supervisors at Killington while still in the program, with responsibility for six to eight employees.

Accordingly, the program allows students to earn their degree in three years while earning money to finance their education, and it provides workplace experiences that immediately translate into the skills needed to succeed in the resort industry; indeed, graduates of the program have a 99 percent employment rate.

The program is based in two facilities located in Killington.  One facility is the student residential facility and living/learning laboratory known as the Castleton Lodge at Killington.  Located on the Killington access road, the Castleton Lodge is a full service residence, including conference space, computer lab, dining room, food service, laundry facilities, recreation room, and fireplace lounge.  The other facility is a suite of classrooms and faculty workspaces at the High Ridge Conference Center (a five-minute drive from the Castleton Lodge).  The Resort & Hospitality courses are taught on-site by Castleton University professors and a number of instructors from the top management of Killington Mountain Resort.

Learning Outcomes for Resort & Hospitality Management majors

The successful student will:

  • Develop skills in problem solving, critical thought and clear expression in a variety of situations within the resort and hospitality setting;
  • Fully understand and demonstrate knowledge of management theory and its application to the destination hospitality and resort operation; and
  • Heighten his/her knowledge and awareness of his/her environmental responsibility, understanding of the global community, and obligation for lifelong education.

To earn the degree in Resort & Hospitality Management

And complete the University's Gen Ed requirements

Review  the Gen Ed requirements.

Degree Map

Click here  to see a sample three-year degree map for this program.

Co-Ops and Enrollment Status

The work portion of the Winter and Summer Co-Ops is equivalent to a full-time academic load.  Hence students are considered full-time students when enrolled in RHM 1200, RHM 2200, and RHM 2400.

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