2022-23 Graduate Catalog 
    Jul 17, 2024  
2022-23 Graduate Catalog

Services and Facilities

The Calvin Coolidge Library

The library is central to the intellectual and cultural life of the University. It provides information and services to the academic community in support of teaching and research. The collection contains over 750,000 items in a variety of formats. Library electronic systems take advantage of full internet access and a wireless network to provide researchers with opportunities to use a rapidly expanding variety of resources. For material not held in the Castleton Library, interlibrary loan service is generally fast and efficient. Librarians regularly offer instruction in research methods and tools in introductory and upper-level courses.

Castleton is a member of several regional and national library networks. The library has an integrated online system that is shared with the other four Vermont State Colleges. The library home page (www.castleton.edu/library) is the gateway to most library services and collections, including a number of databases that include full text of articles and books.

Students have access to a variety of media, including streaming video and DVDs that can be checked out or watched in individual viewing carrels or group study rooms in the library.  

The present library building was constructed in 1965 with a major addition doubling its size in 1979. Approximately 260 readers can be accommodated in individual or group seating, carrels, and conference areas. The library also houses the Student Gallery and Lounge, the Vermont Room and the University Archives.

Information Literacy in Graduate Programs

Faculty teaching graduate courses are aware their students may need to learn new, updated research tools if they are returning to academia after an absence. All graduate students will need enhanced information literacy skills for graduate level research.

Accordingly, faculty incorporate library staff into instruction early in graduate coursework. In addition to helping students learn to locate and access local and non-local resources, librarians help students manage their research process with bibliographic management tools.  Furthermore, librarians can be embedded into the Moodle site of graduate courses so students have immediate and personalized assistance from information experts.

Career Engagement

The Office of Career Engagement, in collaboration with the Director of Community Engagement, coordinates services and programs to enhance opportunities for career exploration, preparation and educational offerings to students and alumni.  Through a range of services and resources offered both in person and on-line, the office helps students apply their education in workplace learning experiences compatible with their career interests and goals.  Staff assists students in choosing a major, exploring and identifying work experiences, career and graduate school opportunities, developing a resume and LinkedIn profile, and interviewing preparation skills.

Career readiness workshops and class presentations are offered throughout the year. 

The office sponsors annual events including a job and graduate school fair, part-time and mini job fairs, alumni career conversations, and networking events.

Information Technology Services

Lab Computers and Software

There are approximately 250 computers on campus for student use. The largest general access lab, the Academic Computing Center (ACC), is overseen by IT Services. There are also a dozen smaller labs managed by individual academic departments. A wide variety of software is available.

Academic Computing Center - ACC

The ACC, located in the Stafford Academic Center, is open to students and the Castleton community approximately 90 hours per week during the regular school year. It is equipped with 38 Windows computers and 15 Macintosh computers running a variety of software. The ACC is also adjacent to two teaching labs - one Windows and one Macintosh - each containing 21 computers. These are open to student use when not in use by classes. Available peripherals include high speed laser printers and scanners. The ACC is managed and maintained by a student staff under the guidance of IT Services.

Other Academic Labs

  • Business Administration
  • Chemistry
  • Communication
  • Library
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • Music
  • Natural Science
  • Nursing
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • HGEP & Sociology/Social Work/Criminal Justice

Internet Access and Email

Access to the Internet is available in all labs, classrooms, and residence hall rooms. Wireless access is available in all buildings. Accounts to access the portal and Web Services are created when students apply to Castleton. Students are given access to Castleton email shortly after they register.


On‐campus parking is available to all students with a parking permit. The permit may be obtained without charge by contacting the Public Safety Office at (802) 468‐1215. Special parking areas for faculty, staff and handicapped persons are clearly marked. Violators of parking policies will be fined. Failure to pay parking violations may result in the withholding of a student's degree or transcript.

Student Identification

A student I.D. is necessary in order to check out books at the library and use certain facilities on campus. Students can acquire I.D. pictures and verification stickers at their initial registration with the university. Students may also call the Public Safety Office, (802) 468‐1215, and make arrangements to receive an initial I.D. or a replacement.

Testing Service

The Education Department facilitates testing for teacher licensure through ETS/Praxis and ACT. For questions or scheduling information, please contact the Education Department at (802) 468-1220. Practice CD's and materials are available in the library and on-line at www.ets.org/praxis/prepare/materials and www.act.org/products/k-12-act-test/.

Transcript Requests

All transcript requests should be made to the Student Services Center. They must be in writing to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and include the student's I.D. number or the last four digits of their social security number, previous registration name(s), the last date of attendance, and a signature. If transcripts are to be mailed, complete addresses must be provided. Castleton reserves the right to withhold release of academic transcripts until all financial obligations have been met. There is a fee for each transcript.

Note: School districts and/or superintendents are not automatically notified of credits earned by teachers. Teachers who would like school personnel to be notified of credits earned must request an official transcript.

Wellness Center

The Castleton Wellness Center supports the educational mission of Castleton by striving to encourage the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, occupational, and spiritual health of students through a comprehensive array of services. Health Services, Counseling Services, Wellness Education, and Violence Prevention and Advocacy are provided free of charge to all Castleton Students.  Alcohol and Other Drug Services are also available to students for a fee.